Wednesday, December 14, 2016

SBYZ signs Ohio rapper Deezy216

Eighteen year old rapper Deezy216 signs to SBYZ
BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. -- SBYZ CEO Renaldo "Swiperboy" Woolridge announced the signing of eighteen year old Ohio rapper, Deezy216. Dylan "Deezy216" Estep played four years of baseball and football at Riverside High School in Painesville, Ohio. When he began high school, he joined rap group AHK, a conglomerate of mid-west solo artists that banded together for cross-promotion. He started to get local attention at his school and in his city, releasing music occasionally on soundcloud. His popularity increased as he began collaborating with up-and-coming artists from all around the country.

Deezy216 and some friends created "The Wave" in Ohio
In his small town on the outskirts of Cleveland, Ohio, Deezy216 linked up with some friends to create "The Wave". The organization governed by high-schooler's gave fellow classmates and friends the opportunity to engage in party-safe activities. Deezy216 and his boys would host drug-free/alcohol-free party events, which served a dual purpose for local talent to perform and be heard. This platform allowed Deezy216's buzz to grow exponentially, as all of his peers began to latch onto his sound. Flyers were posted all throughout the surrounding cities, and attendance would average in the hundreds.

Swiperboy, Chris Brown and Tank talk strategy during the Power 106 Celebrity All-Star basketball game in Los Angeles, CA.

Deezy216's music reached from Ohio, all the way to Los Angeles in the spring of 2016. It was during that time period when Swiperboy came across his soundcloud profile.

"I knew the kid had a lot of potential, but wanted to see the kind of person he was" Swiperboy explained. "We were in contact throughout the summer during our tours and events. He's a good kid, involved in extracurricular activities, sports, taking college courses in High School, and loves music. He's been through some things in his personal life, and has not let it negatively affect his, or other people's lives around him. He's focused and destined for greatness, I'm just happy to be able to help on his journey".

Swiperboy recently coached Chris Brown at the Power 106 Celebrity All-Star basketball game in Los Angeles. The game consisted of entertainers Mac Miller, Omarion, Kid Ink, Tank, Keke Palmer, Lil Dicky, Pauly D, Don Benjamin and more. This event, and others, has put an industry-wide spotlight on SBYZ. 

Deezy216 and Swiperboy were in contact during Spring 2016 while SBYZ was on tour
"The secret about the label is out. I just need the right pieces to compete going into 2017 if we want to take over" Swiperboy describes. "I believe we can have a 'Young Money' 2010 affect next year. With that being said, I truly believe Deezy216 is one of those key pieces we need."

To listen to Deezy216 new music, visit his soundcloud page or click his bio here.

Monday, April 4, 2016

SBYZ Coachella Tour: VeNTUR BRV$$

Tennessee R&B artist VeNTUR BRV$$, in just his first official year signed to SBYZ, will head to Los Angeles for the SBYZ Coachella Tour
BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. -- Swiperboy Entertainment (SBYZ) singer VeNTUR BRV$$ is ready to take his singing talents to the west coast.. for the first time. The twenty-three year old artist/producer currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee, where he has been perfecting his craft. Upon receiving a phone call from SBYZ CEO Renaldo "Swiperboy" Woolridge about the opportunity, VB anxiously confirmed his spot on the SBYZ Coachella Tour. Beginning Thursday, April 14th, VeNTUR will arrive in Los Angeles, teaming up with SBYZ label-mates Neeko and Swiperboy for the "Swiperboy Pre-Coachella Red Carpet Event" at Byblos in Westwood, CA.

We sat down with VB to discuss his thoughts on the upcoming tour:

It is safe to say that VeNTUR will "Stay Ready" for his opportunity on the westside. He has been preparing immensely for his upcoming performances, and even recently released a new single called "Midnight" (produced by Bambieno). Listen to the track here:

VeNTUR BRV$$ has drawn many comparisons to Chris Brown and Bryson Tiller, but remains consistant with a rare artistic style that continues to make him unique. With his music aimed at women, relationships and emotion, VB strives to relay the passion through all of his songs. When asked about which song he was most excited to perform, he said "Tonight" without hesitation. Listen to his single "Tonight" here:

SBYZ Coachella Tour kicks off at Byblos in Westwood, California
VeNTUR will perform at 10pm on April 14th, as doors for the "Swiperboy Pre-Coachella Event" will open at 9pm. Girls will be free from 9-10pm, then have an admission fee of $10. Guys will be $10 from 9-10, then will have an admission fee of $20. There will be a Red Carpet for photos, bottle service seating available, live DJ's, performances, celebrity guest appearances and more. The event will be held at Byblos, a new restaurant/club in Westwood, California. Pre-Sale premium section for the event is SOLD OUT, however, VIP, Bottle Service and General Walk-Up Admission is still available. The event is 18+ to enter, 21+ to drink.

VeNTUR BRV$$ aims to bring positive energy, as well as his "Tennessee Flavor" to the West.
VeNTUR BRV$$ knows that this is just the beginning to a long musical journey. However, the wait to expand his music to the Los Angeles industry is almost over. We will be covering VB and the rest of the SBYZ label's Coachella Tour, so make sure to subscribe and stay tuned.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

VeNTUR BRV$$ "Industry Ready"

Swiperboy Entertainment's VeNTUR BRV$$ is "industry ready"

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. - It was a hot summer day in Nashville, Tennessee. Countless venues beamed with live music, festivals were underway, all while a young singer sat pensively in a recording studio. Thoughts of change, generating a new fan-base, consistency, and creation all raced through the mind of the 22 year old aspiring artist.

It was that same day that the former YouTube sensation "Ryan Andrew" would embrace growth and a new musical artform as "VeNTUR BRV$$". The name-switch, symbolic of "going boldly" in a new musical direction, would initially result in a few things: getting everyone to pronounce [Venture Brass] correctly, starting over as an unsigned artist attempting to gain a new following, and competing with artists who were more established with a musical backing. Timely, during his artistic revolution, Swiperboy Entertainment CEO Renaldo "SB" Woolridge reached out to VeNTUR about signing to his label.

VeNTUR BRV$$ signed to Swiperboy Entertainment in June of 2015

"VeNTUR BRV$$ is one of those artists that you listen to once and can tell he's going to be great" describes SBYZ CEO, Renaldo 'SB' Woolridge. "His production skills, writing ability, and confidence mixed with his natural singing voice are unbelievable assets. I would not be surprised if he becomes a household name in the next couple years".

VeNTUR's most popular song currently is a self-written/self-produced singled titled "On The Run". Check it out below:

VeNTUR BRV$$ has been crafting this re-launch into music very carefully. Now, the young singer from Tennessee is ready to extend his network and international audience. In the premier episode of "SBYZ's Meet The Artist" VeNTUR discusses his musical background and meaning behind his art in a 1-on-1 interview. Check out his interview here:

For more on VeNTUR BRV$$, follow him on twitter @VeNTURthru and instagram Venturthru. View his artist profile here: VeNTUR BRV$$.

Friday, July 31, 2015

SBYZ's Meet The Artist: VeNTUR BRV$$

Swiperboy Entertainment presents new web-series "SBYZ's Meet The Artist"
Swiperboy Entertainment (SBYZ) has launched a new web-series called "SBYZ's Meet The Artist". The series begins with episodes spotlighting each artist that is signed to the Swiperboy Entertainment record label. The goal is to give a more intimate and deeper understanding of who each artist really is. This first segment features newly signed VeNTUR BRV$$ from Fanklin, Tennessee. Click the following link (click here), or stream the video below to watch "SBYZ's Meet The Artist: VeNTUR BRV$$":

Make sure to tune in next weekend for episode 2 of "SBYZ's Meet The Artist"!