Friday, May 2, 2014

New Music: True Colors - Jemma Louis and Yung-Flex

SBYZ's youngest artists Jemma Louis and Yung-Flex team up to make "True Colors"

Just a few months ago, SBYZ kicked off the year with the signing of Australian singing sensation Jemma Louis. Since joining the label, Jemma has appeared on numerous collaborations with the team, including Another World and Let it Be. Now, she teams up with SBYZ's own rapper/producer Yung-Flex in creating "True Colors". The two cooked up a masterpiece, as the trance-hop track is the perfect compliment for the summer. It is rumored that the two will be shooting a Music Video next month in Los Angeles for this single. Check it out, the lyrics are included in the youtube video:

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New Release: SBYZ The Mixtape (Hosted by DJ Wegz)

Swiperboy, Kevin Spacely, Yung Q, Yung-Flex and Jemma Louis present "SBYZ The Mixtape" hosted by DJ Wegz

The crew releases highly anticipated debut mixtape "SBYZ The Mixtape". The international music crew looks to take over 2014. 
With sounds from SB, Kevin Spacely, Yung Q, Yung-Flex, Jemma Louis and hosted by DJ Wegz
Swiperboy Entertainment (SBYZ)
"Stay By Your Zone, Stand By Your Zone, Swag By Your Zone"
*Parental Advisory*

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

SBYZ The Mixtape - Exclusive Radio Interview

Part time radio host and DJ, DJ Wegz, brings the entire SBYZ crew to the studio to discuss their debut mixtape "SBYZ The Mixtape"

Friday, January 17, 2014

SBYZ The Mixtape (Coming Soon)

The first official SBYZ Mixtape featuring the whole crew is on the way

The first ever SBYZ self-titled mixtape is on the way. The project consists of sounds from the entire crew, including the labels newest member, Jemma Louis.

Jemma Louis, the singing sensation from Sydney (Australia), makes her debut on upcoming "SBYZ The Mixtape"
Next Generation:

Yung-Flex (19), Kevin Spacely (20), and Jemma Louis (18) all have one thing in common - youth. The three are the next generation of SBYZ. The more relatable members to the high school/college age fans are finding their own individual places in the crew, truly beginning to make their mark on the music scene. Jemma, who is the newest member, has performed in concerts across the world, entertaining fans with not only her singing but dancing skills as well. Space recently released club banger "Call Her Miley" with SB and Lil' Romeo. Last year he had the opportunity to perform with Redman and Method Man, and also performed along side SB at USC's Springfest in front of 10,000 screaming fans. Flex made his mark last year by producing the beat for the popular Tennessee Anthem "Brick By Brick" which was played in Neyland Stadium in Tennessee, as well as the Galen Center in Los Angeles. "Brick By Brick" is also available worldwide for purchase on iTunes. 

The next generation of SBYZ.

Q's Time To Shine:
The oldest artist in SBYZ, Yung Q, looks to rep the state of Tennessee in the music industry.

Yung Q has been patiently waiting for his time to come. Now, in 2014, Q will lead a crew with just as much potential as any other in mainstream music. While SB is busy playing professional basketball, Q is the indie labels "enforcer" being the big brother to everyone, making sure everything runs smoothly for the take over. Coming from Clinton, Tennessee, Q has picked up many fans in Los Angeles, overseas, and in the south due to his unique style and voice. Q has performed in front of sold out crowds alongside SB sine 2009. This year, Q believes that the excitement from the SBYZ fans will push the crew to levels they have yet to reach.

The Host:

DJ Wegz, who will host SBYZ The Mixtape, has been working with SB on music since 2008.

DJ Wegz is the voice of SBYZ. He has appeared on almost every single one of SB's mixtapes since 2008. Not only is he hosting this highly anticipate project, he presents a bonus track with an exclusive sit down interview with the entire SBYZ crew for the very first time.

The Owner:

Renaldo "SB Babyy" Woolridge aka "Swiperboy" introduces his crew

Professional basketball player and international musical recording artist, Renaldo "SB Babyy" Woolridge aka "Swiperboy", begins 2014 with the introduction of his music label. He has made it public in past interviews that his primary objective with SBYZ is to continue his shared musical aspirations with a group of talented, motivated and ambitious individuals. Their job will be to carry on the mission, releasing incredible bodies of work, while he plays professional basketball. With hundreds of thousands of fans, old and new, excited for what is to come from the crew, SB is confident that 2014 is the year.

SBYZ Gear:

SB and his brother,  Zach (Princeton, '08) , wearing the White + Orange SBYZ "SWAG" Hoodie during a Lakers game.

The SBYZ Online Store, which is presented by SBYZ Official (via Skuffletown), will be available worldwide at the end of January. The clothing line will provide winter, spring and summer attire, along with various color schemes and themes. Also, every week, one lucky fan will be featured on the front page of the site wearing their purchased SBYZ gear. Stay updated with the new items and clothing for your chance to win free tickets to upcoming shows, autographs/meet and greets with the entire crew and much more.

Stay By Your Zone, Stand By Your Zone, Swag By Your Zone. SBYZ

Friday, January 3, 2014

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Introducing Australian singing sensation, Jemma Louis

SBYZ picks up Jemma Louis, the new voice of Swiperboy Entertainment

Jemma Louis, the Pop/RnB sensation from Australia

If you have been following the SBYZ movement for a while, you have noticed the growth and recognition of the crew. As indie label creator and leader Renaldo "SB Babyy" Woolridge aka "Swiperboy" has been making his strides as a professional basketball player - having spent a summer with the Los Angeles Lakers and, as of recent, the top professional league in Spain - the rest of the crew has been progressing rapidly. 

Yung Q has become one of the "new stars" of Tennessee, having performed in many concerts as well as touring the southern region of the country. Yung-Flex (Toronto, Canada) has been producing beats that have been played in football stadiums in Tennessee, to basketball arenas in Los Angeles. Kevin Spacely performed along side SB and Big Sean at a 10k crowd at USC's "Springfest" event, followed by an opening act opportunity with rap moguls Redman & Method Man, finishing 2013 with a collaboration on "Call Her Miley" with SB and Lil' Romeo.

However, the most interesting part of the overall progression is the expansion: the newest addition to the indie label - Australian Pop/RnB sensation,  Jemma Louis.

The beautiful new singer in the 2014 SBYZ movement, Jemma Louis
You may have already heard of Jemma, as her works on youtube combine for millions of views. Her covers for Chris Brown's "Don't Judge Me" and Beyonce's "Countdown" are her most popular. She also appeared on SB's "Midnight Vow" EP, singing verses on both "Inconvenient Request" and "Selfless Confusion".

When you hear the 18 year-old's pure naturally gifted voice, the confident sex appeal of her delivery, but sheer emotion and intellect in her lyrics, you will understand why she will be the next big star. She sings, she dances, she writes, she produces - Jemma Louis does it all.

Jemma Louis, the next up.

Stay tuned for our exclusive interview with Jemma, along with upcoming music from the newest addition to SBYZ. Follow her on twitter at @Jemma_SBYZ.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Swiperboy begins "The Journey to Swiperboy V" mixtape series

SB starts his new "The Journey to Swiperboy V" series off by releasing Chapter 1
The beginning to an 8 part story.

Click here for the full series