Friday, November 29, 2013

Swiperboy begins "The Journey to Swiperboy V" mixtape series

SB starts his new "The Journey to Swiperboy V" series off by releasing Chapter 1
The beginning to an 8 part story.

Click here for the full series

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Call Her Miley - Swiperboy (Feat. Lil' Romeo & Kevin Spacely)

(International Recording Artist SB Babyy aka "Swiperboy" releases "Call Her Miley" with Hip-Hop Mogul/Actor Romeo "Lil' Romeo" Miller & Los Angeles Rapper Kevin Spacely)

Call Her Miley [Dirty]

Download Link: Call Her Miley [Dirty]

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hoops Update: Renaldo "SB" Woolridge invited to Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers invited Renaldo Woolridge aka SB Babyy (@Swiperboy) to practice next week. The 6'8 220 Small Forward worked out for them as a Free Agent the monday before the NBA Draft.

He impressed enough for an invite all next week. We'll keep you updated on his progress or you can follow @SBYZofficial for more.

Monday, June 10, 2013

New Mixtape: GQ - Yung Q

(SBYZ's hip-hop artist from Tennessee releases "GQ" mixtape hosted by DJ Logan Garrett)
Yung Q (@YungQ_SBYZ) releases his debut mixtape "GQ" to hotnewhiphop, hosted by well-known southern DJ, DJ Logan Garrett. The 13 track mixtape includes sounds from SBYZ's SB Babyy and Yung-Flex, as well as up and coming Tennessee recording artists. Q has become famous in the Southeastern region of the United States, and is quickly breaking into the mainstream music scene representing SBYZ. Download his latest "GQ" below, and stay tuned for more from the "Prince of the South".

Friday, May 24, 2013

NEW MUSIC: Do Our Thing

SBYZ Artists SB Babyy, Yung-Flex and Kevin Spacely collaborate to create "Do Our Thing", the labels first release of the summer. Below are the available download links. Turn up and enjoy!

Follow the crew on twitter:

SB Babyy - @Swiperboy
Yung-Flex - @YungFlex_SBYZ
Kevin Spacely -  @Spacely_SBYZ
Yung Q - @YungQ_SBYZ
DJ Wegz -  @DJWegz_SB
SBYZ Official - @SBYZofficial

Monday, April 22, 2013

Music Video: My Salary - SB Babyy

New Music Video "My Salary" by SB Babyy
(Directed by Mary Chin)

YouTube Link: My Salary - SB Babyy


"My Salary" is SB Babyy's first Music Video release in the past couple years. The reason -- College Basketball. He remained faithful to his music fans by releasing songs and mixtapes; however, he stayed away from releasing visual content that brought the tone of his music to light (A more time consuming effort). Now, as he trains for basketball and works towards the completion of graduate school, SB plans to re-introduce himself to his fan base through these Music Videos. "My Salary" is the first of a collective group of videos that SB hopes will help paint the picture of who he really is. 

His journey has not been easy. Following his college graduation, he left the heartbeat of his support system to return home to LA to increase his chances for a future in the music industry, as well as in professional basketball. Around the time he was forced to make these difficult life decisions, his father, Orlando Woolridge, died of heart disease.  SB appeared on KTLA5 (Los Angeles) to discuss his journey, including the difficult time he had coping with the death of his father. He also talked about his musical aspirations and optimism for his last season of college basketball:

(YouTube Link: KTLA Interview)

His last year of college basketball was a disaster, as he did not see any of the playing time for which he had worked so hard and that was promised to him. He played in less than a quarter of the games. Many of his hopes and aspirations were stripped by one. SB lost a substantial  number of fans with his decision to leave in the first place, so even with his efforts to maintain a solid relationship with his former network, there were negative results. He had also returned to a city where he went from having been a no-name player, to becoming one of the top high school basketball stars out of LA (then, among the likes of NBA Superstars Brandon Jennings, Jrue Holiday, Demar Derozan, Klay Thompson & Paul George). Upon his return, he was a casualty in the politics of college basketball. Sports fans who remembered him leaving as a rising star, watched him return only to get treated like a scrub.

SB began losing contact with many of his close friends, and often wondered what was next in life. He had dedicated his final season of college basketball to his father, but was never able to make an attempt at respectfully represent the family legacy. His music was more of a mystery than ever, as people on the west coast began getting a tainted vision of his artistic release. Unsure of his future, SB scheduled the beginning of a southeast tour that consisted of visiting schools, performing in concerts and making appearances. As a result of his lack of success, many of his shows got cancelled as the dates drew near. Discouraged, but not defeated, SB carried on his altered and abbreviated schedule. When his season ended he toured Tennessee and Florida, making stops at fraternity houses, schools, and clubs. He enjoyed on of his most memorable experiences while visiting of Lenoir City HS in Tennessee, where he spoke to the students about the importance of education and hard work, followed by a basketball session with some of their student-athletes:

(YouTube Link: SB Babyy Visits Lenoir City)

Throughout all of this, he stayed prayerful, and kept his head up. He finished his first semester of graduate school with a 3.2 GPA, and throughout all of the disappointment, things started looking up. After receiving a text with an offer to fly to Atlanta, GA for an opportunity of a lifetime, he ended his college basketball career placing fourth in the nation in the State Farm NCAA College Dunk Contest this spring. His "slingshot" dunk became infamous:

Two days later he rocked a crowd of 8,000 at Springfest, opening for hip-hop superstar Big Sean. All of the fans who viewed him as a mystery, quickly fixed their eyes on what SB had been trying to portray the entire time. Wearing clothes from his own label, SBYZ's clothing brand, he was able to turn complete strangers to fans:

"My Salary" is an appropriate message, because SB directly addresses his entire situation. His image in the video is that of persistence, as he has a solemn tone, yet one of optimism at the same time. His message is of "Life is hard as hell, but welcome to reality. Maybe you're ambition doesn't compliment your salary. Live at work, just 'cause there's no other place I'd rather be" and "turn up my grind, I know we 'bout to make it, it just takes a little time". He acknowledges the facets of reality, as his journey, similar to others, has taken a lot longer than expected. Also, although he has achieved many things in life, he still is not complacent and knows he must "turn up his grind" and work harder than ever before to accomplish everything his heart desires. 

Now that you have a little more background of the Music Video, watch it again, appreciate the message, and be ready for the next phase. 


--SBYZ Staff Writer--

*Upcoming movie directory Mary Chin did a fantastic job in capturing the essence of Los Angeles, and the story of the song. SB is seen wearing gear from the Beverly Hills Tradition, a great store in the Beverly Center, and one of his favorite styles of attire.*