Saturday, January 13, 2018

Ohio Rapper Deezy216 Stars In New Reality Series

Deezy216, at 19, becomes the youngest rapper with a Reality Series
BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. -- Ohio budding rap star Deezy216 became the youngest rapper to have his own reality show series on January 1st of 2018, with the release of Episode 1 "Day Onez". The show is currently debuting on Facebook Watch and YouTube.

2017 was a success for SBYZ as Deezy216 (left) took his first steps in the industry, while Swiperboy (right) reached 1 Million streams on Spotify

Upon signing to SBYZ in December of 2016, Deezy216 was still a high school "soundcloud" rapper with a promising future, but minimal following. He gained a spark of confidence knowing he had the backing of an LA based independent record label, but he was still just like every other teen in Ohio. The then eighteen year old was ridiculed and faced tremendous backlash from "haters" of his ambition. This was disheartening, but the young soon-to-be rap star kept pushing. His life took a major turn in the Spring of 2017, when he received news that he would be taking his first trip to Los Angeles as the newly discovered rapper of SBYZ.

During this trip, Deezy216 was not only introduced to his new Los Angeles network as well as some heavy players in the music industry, but he also generated an exponentially increased buzz back in his home state of Ohio. The young rapper was receiving only 150 views on his snapchat stories prior to his flight to LA. When he returned back to Ohio after only four days, those views were in the thousands. During his trip, Deezy216 performed at Mirage in Huntington Beach, California. This was his first ever performance on the west coast, in front of a capacity filled sports bar/club, rapping his hit single "Callin Me". The trip was followed by a couple photo and music video shoots, and ended with a grand finale when he walked his first red carpet during Maxim's 2017 Hot 100 event.

Deezy216 on the red carpet during Maxim's Hot 100 Event
Swiperboy and Deezy216 featured on the front page of LA Weekly during Maxim's Hot 100 Event
 Maxim's Hot 100 Event, produced by talented LA based production company called "Elite AV", featured A-List celebrities, the worlds top Supermodels, Professional Athletes and more. With the event being hosted by Nick Cannon along with a performance by DJ Khaled, Swiperboy and Deezy216 were visibly on stage for the majority of the night. At one point during the event, Nick Cannon and Deezy216 were seen discussing a possible Wild N Out feature in the near future.
Nick Cannon and Deezy216 seen conversing on stage during the 2017 Maxim Hot 100 event at the Hollywood Palladium
Deezy216 on the red carpet with Drake's father, Dennis Graham
Swiperboy, Deezy216 and Nick Cannon pose for paparazzi on stage during the Maxim Hot 100 event
When Deezy216 returned to Cleveland, he was met with a new found fan base and support system. Many began respecting seeing one of their peers achieving his dreams. As a result, he started cultivating his fan base "#Team216" and watched the birth of a new challenge called the #CallinMeChallenge. Fans from all over began to post videos, having fun and singing along to the rappers hit single "Callin Me".

These viral challenge videos began spreading through the summer of 2017, all while Deezy216 was busy in the studio. He was staying ready for his next opportunity, working hard with his music and staying out of trouble. In September of 2017, he received another label business trip to Los Angeles, where he would perform at Aria in Huntington Beach, California, as well as attend the SBYZ Hollywood Hills mansion party.

After an extremely successful second trip to Los Angeles, Deezy216 returned to Ohio for the next couple months, as his fan base continued to rapidly increase. In November of 2017, SBYZ CEO Renaldo "Swiperboy" Woolridge saw an immense amount of promise in the young rapper after an incredibly successful summer. "Deezy worked his tail off all year and handled himself unbelievably in many different situations", described Swiperboy. "He was never starstruck around me and my industry buddies, nor did he change around the people he met. He was consistently a humble, hardworking and fun kid to be around". Swiperboy went on to discuss the idea he gained from all that occurred over Deezy216's first year in SBYZ. "I spoke with some advisors of mine, and came up with the idea of giving this kid a reality show. You see a lot of music artists becoming big stars and then creating Tour Vlogs, YouTube videos etc. What if you got the chance to be a part of a kids journey to superstardom in real-time? I figured that would be great content for him to have to strengthen his music career along with the bond between him and his fans."

After starting to film during December of 2017, Deezy216 was ready to take his label owner's idea and bring it to light. On January 1st, 2018, SBYZ released the first episode of his new show titled "Stay Ready (The Reality Show Series)".

Deezy216 has now completed his first year with SBYZ, and is rumored to ink a multi-year deal with the label. He seems to have a very promising career ahead of him, and we will all be able to watch and follow along as his mindest will remain to "Stay Ready" for what ever comes next.